21/8/2014 Warning: g++-4.6 should be preferred to g++-4.8

KDAriane installation

  1. First you have to checkout the SVN repository
    svn co
  2. set the shell variable KDARIANE to the folder where you checked out the SVN repository
    export KDARIANE=~/svn/kdariane
  3. add the $KDARIANE/bin and the $JAVA_HOME/bin to your PATH :
    export PATH=$PATH:$KDARIANE/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin
  4. restart your terminal so that bash loads the new .bashrc
  5. go in the KDARIANE folder then
    make install
    It will first build the C++ binaries then install them in the bin folder and creates the .ariane configuration file.
  6. you can now launch Ariane with
    java -jar ariane.jar