21/8/2014 Warning: g++-4.6 should be preferred to g++-4.8

KDAriane installation

  1. First you have to checkout the SVN repository
    svn co https://forge.greyc.fr/svn/kdariane
  2. set the shell variable KDARIANE to the folder where you checked out the SVN repository
    export KDARIANE=~/svn/kdariane
  3. add the $KDARIANE/bin and the $JAVA_HOME/bin to your PATH :
    export PATH=$PATH:$KDARIANE/bin:$JAVA_HOME/bin
  4. restart your terminal so that bash loads the new .bashrc
  5. go in the KDARIANE folder then
    make install
    It will first build the C++ binaries then install them in the bin folder and creates the .ariane configuration file.
  6. you can now launch Ariane with
    java -jar ariane.jar